Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caring for Creation sets third-annual conference for April 16-18, 2010; all participants invited to come to World Peace Wetland Prairie for Earth Day celebration after Sunday lunch

Please come to Earth Day Celebration at World Peace Wetland Prairie immediately after lunch on Sunday, April 18, and attend as much of the Caring for Creation convention as you can. It was a wonderful program last year and may be even better this week. For information about WPWP Earth Day, please visit the following site: Earth Day at World Peace
Please double-click images to ENLARGE to view closeups of the details of three different fruit trees on bloom on World Peace Wetland Prairie on April 10, 2010. CARING FOR CREATION SCHEDULE 
Thursday, April 15 
4:00 - 7:00 pm 
Early registration & check-in 
5:30 Dinner 
Friday, April 16 
7:30 Breakfast 
8:15 am -3:30 pm 
Registration & check-in 
Early Bird Opportunities 
12:00 Lunch 
3:00 - 4:00 pm Plenary 
Rev. Pat Watkins 
5:30 Dinner 
7:00 pm - Keynote Speaker 
Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham 
The Regeneration Project 
Saturday, April 17 
7:30 Breakfast 
8:45 am Opening  
9:00 am Workshops I 
10:30 am - Plenary  
 Dr. Jay McDaniel &  
Youth Panel 
12:00 Lunch 
1:15 Workshops II 
2:45 Workshops III 
5:30 Dinner 
7:00 pm - Plenary 
John Hill, General Board of 
Church and Society 
Sunday, April 18 
7:30 Breakfast 
9:00 am Round Table: 
”The Urgency of Now” 
Dr. Mark Davies 
10:30 am Closing Worship 
12:00 Lunch & Goodbyes 
April 15-18, 2010 
Mount Sequoyah Conference and Retreat Center 
Fayetteville, Arkansas 
Deut. 10:14: "To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the 
earth and everything in it."  
Mount Sequoyah Conference and Retreat Center  
150 NW Skyline Drive     Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 
Keynote Address 
Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham 
President & Founder, The Regeneration Project 
The Reverend Canon Sally Grover Bingham, a priest and Canon for the 
Environment in the Diocese of California has been active in the environ- 
mental community for twenty-five years. She is also founder and president 
of The Regeneration Project, which is focused on its Interfaith Power and 
Light (IPL) campaign, a religious response to global warming. The IPL 
campaign includes a national network of over 10,000 congregations with 
affiliated programs in 29 states.   
Workshop Topics 
Alternative & Renewable Energy Solutions 
Biblical Basis for Creation Care 
Creating Your Green Team: A Model for Action 
Creation Care in Children’s Ministry 
Creation in Worship 
Food Insecurity 
Growing Your Church with Youth Green Engagement 
Partnering with Community (city, local & state officials) 
Practice of Political Advocacy 
Stream Teams: 70,000 Strong 
Sustainability Ethics: Discovering the Holiness of Place 
For more details go to or call 800-760-8126. 
John Hill 
General Board of Church & 
Society of the United  
Methodist Church 
Rev. Pat Watkins 
Executive Director of  
Caretakers of God’s  
Dr. Jay McDaniel 
Professor of Religion 
Department Chair 
Director, Steel Center for 
the Study of Religion & 
Hendrix College 
Plenary Speakers 

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