Friday, May 25, 2012

Euptoieta claudia aka variegated fritillary raised from caterpillar captured on passion vine leaf on World Peace Wetland Prairie a couple of weeks earlier

Until it formed chrysalis, caterpillar below had to have a fresh passion-flower leaf daily
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Variegated caterpillars were busy on passion vine leaves on May 8, 2011.
One taken on its leaf and placed in small plastic pet carrier

Chrysalis shell was empty and tiny variegated fritillary graced the box on morning of May 25, 2012
Please scroll down to May 8, 2012, post on this site to see the caterpillar on a Passion flower leaf before he was captured, put in pet carrier for a few days with fresh leaves daily until he formed a chrysalis and finally emerged as a butterfly during the night of May 24-25, 2012.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smithsonian Magazine publishes one of my milkweed photos taken in 2010 at World Peace Wetland Prairie with a story that mentions seeds of Asclepius viridis

Please click on image to ENLARGE. My photo credit line at lower left edge of the page is tiny, but it is almost as big as Thoreau's name after his quote at the top of the page.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012, new beauties on and near World Peace Wetland Prairie

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Variegated fritillary caterpillar on passion vine, At first I thought it was a Gulf fritillary cat.

Asclepias purpurascens

Flowerfly on sensitive briar
Mimosa microphylla with hover fly
large milkweed bug on Asclepias viridis

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Map and descriptions of gardens on May 26, 2012 OMNI peace-garden tour

Link to Google Map online.

"Bamboo Peace Garden"  1039 E. Overcrest St.  (South of Township; west of Old Wire Rd.) 
Peace Gardeners: Hamsa & Moshe Newmark

Enter this garden and feel transported into a unique environment, “a world unto its own.”  A graceful forest of a variety of bamboo populates the grounds. The newest addition is the presence of an octagon, all-cedar meditation temple.  All are invited to sit in the meditation temple and reflect upon the nature of peace that the garden effuses.  In addition, there are numerous benches in the garden to sit and enjoy the different views of the swaying bamboo. Tea and beverage will be available.

"Blue Birds of Peace Garden"   951 Missouri Way (Turn west off Assembly) 
Peace Gardeners: Marshall Carter, Marilyn Fincher (for Nancy Maier)

"The focal point of my peace garden is an Ozark flagstone tree-shaped patio designed by Quinn Landrum and built by Quinn and his father, the artist M.M. Kent. The center of the patio is a single orange stone sun with rays extending outward.  Next to the patio is a terraced planting area for sunflowers, lavender, and butterfly bush. The area is surrounded on three sides by a fence and several birdhouses."  It Includes a Peace Pole.  Additional flowers: daisies, Solomon Seal, zinnias, spearmint, geraniums, lilies, sedum.  There are also vegetables: squash, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes.  A Zen white sand garden adds to the general beauty and cheer." —Nancy Maier

"Heartwood Gallery Garden" 428 S. Government Ave.
Peace Gardeners: Anita and Edward Hejtmanek

A streetscape gem of a flower garden at the entrance to Heartwood Gallery

"Parrish Peace Place" 2809 N. Cedar Hill Drive 
Peace Gardeners: David & Cookie Parrish

(DIRECTIONS: Half way to Goshen on Hwy. 45, going east, just past a new church (on the left). TURN RIGHT up hill before red balloons.). Begun in 1995, this 3 1/2-acre landscape holds varied spaces and carefully tended areas — specially named gardens in one area, bountiful trees in another, and home and workshop in another. There are many opportunities to walk and discover plantings and David's woodwork. Please feel free to sit on one of the many benches, listen to the music from the house speaker on the back deck and have something cool to drink in Margaret's Garden picnic area!

"Peace in Our Lifetime Garden" 4880 W. Wedington Drive (Hwy 16 west of 540)    Peace Gardeners: Unity Center For Conscious Living
You are invited to step into the labyrinth and walk the sandy path to the center and experience the peace that passes all understanding. In the center of the labyrinth you will find our peace pole presented to us by Omni Center. You are also welcome to visit our community garden, “Unity Organic Garden”.

"Peace Trees Garden"
2008 W. Cleveland Street (just up from Sang) Peace Gardener: Cathy Boyd
Two acres of large trees, clusters of flowers scattered beneath, swimming pool surrounded by flowers, vine-covered arbor perfect for snacks and drinks.   (Parking in lot adjacent east.)

"Stroll Garden for Peace & Serenity "
17095 Lake Sequoyah Drive  Peace Gardener: Anne Reichardt

(DIRECTIONS: From School Ave. take Martin L. King Blvd. east toward Elkins for 5.4 miles (@ 1.5 mi it becomes Huntsville Rd., or, Hwy 16 east). Turn left onto Lake Sequoyah Dr. for 2.1 miles; okay to park in Fire Department lot on the left, the house and studio are on the right, the 2-acre garden is "up back".) Begun 6 years ago, this garden honors the natural character of the rural Arkansas landscape while incorporating Soto Zen accents. Enjoy the labyrinth consisting of many intriguing earth, stone, and repurposed sculptural elements among native plants, which are flourishing. Celebrate with chamber music playing in the gazebo in early afternoon.

"Wishing Ball Peace Garden"  885 N. Fritz Drive (Off College, corner of Fritz & Cleburn)
Peace Gardeners: Kelly Mulhollan & Donna Stjerna of Still on the Hill

Dedicated to the late, great songwriter, Nick Masullo, the garden features many spheres, including a 4' tall "Wishing Ball" in front painted like the earth. The back yard is host to the annex "Mug Tree", modeled after Clara’s "The Mug Tree" in Batesville, AR. in memory of her son, which is now on the Historic Tree Register and is an AIDS awareness tree. A small veg garden on side, a small herb garden (help yourself) out front, and of course several peace poles.  The home is also the acclaimed Ozark Ball Museum (50-cent admission (or a ball!)).  Delicately lined with japanese honysuckle and privit, there are rock-lined flower beds and lots of mint.

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Poster design by Lauren D Hawkins