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Earth Day at World Peace Wetland Prairie coming up 1-5 p.m. Sunday, April 15, 2012: While you wait for spring, please enjoy OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology's annual meeting of members and friends on Sunday, January 22, 20l2

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New OMNI design by Lauren D. Hawkins in December 2011
2012 -- A year of consequence begins

Members and Friends Gathering graphic
OMNI Members & Friends Gathering ! January 22, 2012
6:00 pm
LifeStyles Building

Sunday January 22, 2012, is the next Members and Friends Gathering. Join your friends at 6:00 pm at the new home of sister -nonprofit LifeStyles, 2590 W. Sycamore. We'll send a map next week. They have a really beautiful and quirky new building that you'll love visiting. It's colorful, friendly and spacious... lots of room for us to do music, have a hot January meal, and fun breakout sessions, where the talking can happen. Join OMNI friends to ponder the future of peace in the uncertain new age.

Breakout sessions have been confirmed, and as always, there's too much good stuff. Here's what we have:

The Future of Peace- Jacob George and Gladys Tiffany talk about the glimmers of positive change happening, and give you something you can do to encourage young Afghan peace workers right now.

The Future of Earth - Robert McAfee, and several area experts are prepared to update you on things we can't help but worry about. Many of them are attending the Citizens First environental caucus
this weekend, and will have current info on upcoming legislation, hopefully including the state water plan, now in the works.

Future Leaders for the Culture of Peace- OMNI's Youth Programs is organizing work with college and high school age students. It's exciting, and if you're that age, or if you have family or friends who are... or if you'd like to find out what's happening, you'll want to be here. Meet the Youth Resource Board, and the Youth Programs VISTA volunteer coordinating the program. Pretty cool.

The Future of the Occupy Movement -- A group of Occupy Northwest Arkansas members are coming to update you on what the local and national movements are planning; including reports on the "Occupy the Courts" that you're invited to join. Friday January 20 at noon, meet on the Town Square in front of Odom Law Office at Mountain and Block. You'll march the short one-block to the Federal Building together. January 20 is the 2nd anniversary of the odious "Citizens United" court decision that made money equal speech.

EARTH DAY 2012 !- Last but not least, Donna Stjerna is working with area enviro groups on the annual Earth Month celebration in April. She has dynamo ideas about centering the whole thing on TREES, and has convinced the whole town to go for it. There's a big concert in the works, and other activities. She could use volunteer help, and of course it'll be really fun. Find out what the plans are, and where you could fit in at this session.
PRAIRIE: Lauren D. Hawkins and Aubrey James Shepherd share photos and information about the prairies surrounding Fayetteville and how to help maintain World Peace Wetland Prairie, a city-owned, neighborhood-maintained nature park that would not exist if OMNI's founder, James Richard Bennett, had not provided a donation of $25,000, (one-fifth of the purchase price of the land) to purchase this karst-based, natural flow-area of a large parcel of seasonal wet prairie in south Fayetteville AR.
Remember that the menu for the evening is veggie lasagna, fresh salad, bread and simple desert.
OMNI cooks do a mean lasagna.
For detail,  contact Gladys at 479-935-4422 or
OMNI and Community Events
Veggie Potluck
Upcoming Events
Jan 14 - "Immigration and Civil Liberties" forum, 1:30 pm, Fay Library Walker Room. Several very knowledgeable people speaking. Lots' of us need to understand this complex issue to be prepared. More info from Prof. Tom Kennedy, .
Jan 14 - Citizens First Congress Environmental Caucus - Russellville. Contact Robert McAfee for more info - .
Jan 14 - Greenbrier Concerned Citizens Advisory Group - 10:30 am 2nd Saturday of each month. Coalition regular monthly meetings- Join us for discussion, coffee and snacks. Greenbrier Event Center. #5 Lois Lane, Greenbrier. 72058.
Jan 15 - HOWL moves to OMNI - 6:00 pm - After years of meeting at Nightbird Books (love 'em), HOWL will now move to OMNI on 3rd Sunday evenings. Wonderful women writers will read their own or somebody's fascinating writing. Everyone welcome to listen in.
Jan 16 - DREAM Act Summit - Little Rock. Contact Fernando Garcia for more info.
Jan 20 - Occupy the Courts - noon - Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. Meet on Town Square at Mountain & Block Sts, march to Federal Building.
Jan 22 - WE Connection presentation 2:00 pm - Showing of movie "Thrive" Beginning early to allow time for the movie, a bit of conversation, and preparation for the Member Gathering.
Jan 22 - don't forget the wow-level OMNI Members and Friends Gathering at 6:00 pm
Jan 25 - Visiting Tibetan Lama - 6:00 pm - Geshe Dakpa Togyal speaks at Fayetteville Library. Author, teacher, on Jan 25 he speaks on "Modern Ethics & Traditional Wisdom." His visit concludes Jan 30 with a talk at UA on "Nonviolence." More info coming.
Jan 28 - Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks Annual Member Meeting - 3:00 @OMNI Center. Everyone invited.
Feb 26 - Climate Change Book Club - 2:00 pm, Fay Public Library Walker Room. Discussing the book "End of Growth." You do not need to read the book to join in.

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