Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snowy coral berry, snowy button bush and snowy milkweed on World Peace Wetland Prairie

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Coral berry in the top photo is known in some places as buck brush. Its Latin name is Symphoricarpos orbiculatus.
Button bush in the second photo is Cephalanthus occidentalis in Latin.
Swamp milkweed in the third and fourth photos is Asclepias incarnata in Latin.

Snowy evening on World Peace Wetland Prairie


The snowball holder is Queen Anne's lace, a wild carrot native to Europe, known to scientists by its Latin name, Daucus carota. The vegetable we know as the carrot was bred from this plant, originally valued for its medicinal power. The green-, yellow-, and black-striped larvae of the Black Swallowtail that you may see in your vegetable garden feeding on parsley (Petroselinum crispum), dill (Anethum graveolens), and carrot tops (Daucus carota) are often considered a nuisance. These caterpillars originally fed only on native plants such as angelica (Angelica), but they have also adapted to eat nonnative herbs in the parsley family, Apiaceae. So all a gardener needs to do is scatter a few extra patches of parsley and dill throughout the garden to disperse the caterpillars and allow for their huge appetites.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Watch CAT at 6:45 a.m. for neighborhood meeting with developers held Jan. 12

on CAT Channel 18 on Cox Cable in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tuesday Jan. 29, 2008
6:45 am Ward 1/Town Branch-Neighborhood Meeting

Wednesday Jan. 30, 2008
7:30 am Ward 1/Town Branch-Neighborhood Meeting
9:00 pm Telecom Board Meeting: 1/17/08

Thursday Jan.31, 2008
12:45 am Ward 1/Town Branch-Neighborhood Meeting

Friday Feb. 1, 2008
7:00 am Water Conservation & Protection (LWV
1:35 pm Ward 1/Town Branch-Neighborhood Meeting

Saturday Feb. 2, 2008
2 a.m. Ward 1/Town Branch-Neighborhood Meeting
6:00 am Water Conservation & Protection (LWV)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

OMNI dinner crowd included several World Peace Wetland Prairie volunteers


Dr. Steve Skattebo, former treasurer of the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology and frequent volunteer remover of Japanese honeysuckle vines and roots from World Peace Wetland Prairie, was working the registration table at Friday night's OMNI membership dinner.
OMNI donated one-fifth of the purchase price of the land for World Peace Wetland Prairie to the City of Fayetteville, later administered donations for the Elleya Richardson Butterfly Garden at WPWP and now manages a tree fund contributed to OMNI, part of which is slated to help purchase trees for the International Grove on the southeastern half acre of the nature park. Fran Alexander and other members of Friends for Fayetteville donated the money slated for Neighborwoods tree planting to OMNI to continue the work they had been doing.

Friday, January 25, 2008

OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology's annual dinner TONIGHT

The Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology, one of the organizations (which donated $25,000) to purchase the 2.5 acres at 1121 South Duncan Avenue that now is known as World Peace Wetland Prairire to become a Fayetteville nature park invites you to enjoy a free dinner at the UA Presbyterian Center on West Maple Street tonight and make some new friends.
2008 Annual
Omni Members Meeting

6-7 Join or Renew Membership
Visit “Pitch Pit” for volunteer opportunities
Enjoy Dinner!
7:00 Still on the Hill
7:15 Introductions
7:30 Workshops
8:30 Report Back from Workshops
Revisit “Pitch Pit”
Group Sing - We Shall Overcome

Sustainable Farming – the gentle way to feed the planet, one community at a time
A discussion of farming practices which can change the way food is grown, and how it can save our families, our communities, and our planet. Presented by noted sustainable food systems presenter Patrice Gros. Patrice has been a full time organic farmer for 10 years. He is the cofounder of 2 area Farmers Markets (Berryville & Eureka Springs, AR) and sits on the board of the Eureka Market. Patrice runs Foundation Farm and its associated Farm School. For more info visit SANCTUARY

Sensible Fayayetteville – A positive shift away from draconian drug laws
Ryan Denham talks about a suggested city code that places marijuana possession as the least important priority for law enforcement officials, (similar to the ordinance passed by Eureka Springs last year.) Federal drug laws have driven our prison system to crisis, and into the hands of private corporations. At the same time it has created class and human-rights dilemmas on a wide scale. A sensible step for Fayetteville is a major step for American human rights. Deep End

Nonviolence in the Face of Fascism
America appears to be moving toward a more fascist government, and many people are becoming anxious about it. People who believe in nonviolence need to know what powerful tools of nonviolence are available to them in tense and uncertain situations. Gladys Tiffany and Shelley Buonaiuto lead discussion on some remarkable and already-available options. There are more then you might think. Omni office

5th Anniversary of the Iraq War
Oh No! Not Again!
We hoped it would never come to this, but we’ve been a-honking for a long time now. Would you like to help Omni plan and organize a fitting remembrance for the national imbroglio? Kelly Mulhollan will organize this session to begin planning a commemoration for the month of March. upstairs chapel

Media Reform In Our Own Backyard
Big Media has taken over mainstream forums for discussion of public issues, and left dissenting opinion without a public voice. Omni Center is working with others to create forums where open discussion is encouraged. Some of those attempts are with our great, long-time Video Underground series, working with Fayetteville Cable Access TV (CAT) to develop Omni Month in Review, and creating Omni Free Radio - our own community radio station. This group also includes Rapid Responders – writer/researchers ready to counter the uninformed perspectives in the local letters to the editor pages. And we have a hankering to take up our own editorial-writing board. There may a place for you in the media corner of the Culture of Peace. Presented by four Omni Media Group members: Gerry Sloan for Video Underground, Claire Detels for Omni Month in Review, Joe Newman for Omni Free Radio, and Larry Woodall for Rapid Response Network. fire pit upstairs

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Town Branch/Ward 1 meeting video at 9 a.m. and about 7 p.m. Tuesday on Cox 16 in Fayetteville

Government Channel, Cox Cable channel 16, also known as City 16, is to broadcast the official video of the Jan. 12, 2008, meeting of the Town Branch Neighborhood Association and three members of the Fayetteville City Council with developers planning the proposed Hill Place student apartment project on the site of the defunct Aspen Ridge Townhome project between 11th Street and 6th Street and west of Hill Avenue in south Fayetteville at 9 a.m. and again at about 7 p.m. Tuesday January 22, 2008, after the Telecom Board meeting at 6 p.m.

Town Branch/Ward One Aspen Ridge in The Northwest Arkansas Times

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Frosty morning on World Peace Wetland Prairie

PLEASE CLICK ON LEAF PHOTO TO ENLARGE. Can you name this plant with colorful leaves on Jan. 9, 2007