Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rose pink, pollinators highlight World Peace Wetland Prairie on July 25, 2009

Please click on images to Enlarge view of wildflowers on World Peace Wetland Prairie on July 25, 2009. Below the tiny pink Sabatia angularis in the top close-up photo, see the tall variety of the Asclepias viridis, which no longer has either its inflorescence or the seed pods that follow the flowers and in the third photo see the Asclepias hirtella, a narrow-leaved, tall green milkweed with various insects feeding on it.


Burnetta said...

This top photo is Sabatia angularis, rose pink. I have seen lots of it this summer so it must be a good year.

aubunique said...

Thank you for identifying the rose pink. There are many patches of the plant in south Fayetteville.
I am wondering whether my photograph shows either marsh pink (Sabatia stellaris) or a slender marsh pink (Sabatia campanulata). Now that you have led me to search for it, I may have to go check out some details. I love details but lack your training and knowledge.
The petals of the flower in my flower are sort of pointed, whereas the flowers on many online sites have a more rounded petal.

Burnetta said...

I am only familiar with S. angularis, but will look up the other names to check.