Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pinnacle Prairie mix of plants striking on September 1, 2008

Please click on images to ENLARGE photos of plants on Pinnacle Foods Inc. property west of World Peace Wetland Prairie. Pinnacle Foods has offered to donate about 2 acres of this land to the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas, as an addition to the west side of World Peace Wetland Prairie. A public trail is to be provided along the western and southern end of that 2 acres by the builders of the Hill Place student-apartment complex that has been approved for the long-devegetated Aspen Ridge site. The trail will allow visitors access to the World Peace Wetland Prairie as well as the opportunity to view the far-western portion of the Pinnacle Prairie that will be retained in the company's ownership.

The top photo is a view southwest across a portion of Pinnacle Prairie.
The second photo is a view of one of many species of day-flying moths, known as skipper moths, nectaring on the Pinnacle Foods Inc.
The third photo is a view northeast across a portion of Pinnacle Prairie.
The fourth photo is a view southeast from about the same spot on Pinnacle Prairie.
These are areas that will be visible from the trail that is to be built in the right of way previously cleared for a section of S. Brooks Avenue that would have provided southern access to the Aspen Ridge site. The Brooks extension became unnecessary when the City Council authorized the Hill Place developers to install a bridge for traffic across the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River to create a second access to the western portion of HIll Place.

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Todd said...

Wow. The pictures of this place look like where I'd like to sit and think in peace and quiet. Lovely!