Saturday, March 1, 2008

OMNI Center receives Environmental Organization of the Year title from Arkansas Sierra Club partly for its donation of $25,000 for WPWP


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Professor James Richard Bennett founded the organization with its wide-ranging but inseparable goals. Dick Bennett's philosophy includes the belief that neither peace nor justice can be achieved without protecting and enhancing the earth's environment and natural resources and protecting habitat for all living things.
On Feb. 16, 2008, the Arkansas Chapter and Ozark Highlands Group of the Sierra Club named the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology as Sierra's Arkansas environmental organization of the year.

Lower Photo:
Kelly Mulholland (left), Lauren Hawkins (center) and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Skattebo share a moment to discuss WPWP. Mulholland has been the leader of OMNI's environmental efforts for several years. Hawkins and Steve Skattebo are leaders in the hands-on effort to remove Japanese honeysuckle from WPWP, one root at a time!
Mulholland was the leader of the OMNI delegation that advocated the formation of the Governor's Commission on Global Warming. He remains a member of the Carbon Caps Task Force, OMNI's committee working to support the efforts of the commission.

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Anonymous said...

Bennett saved your bacon on that deal. I remember your telling me it was close to being a lost cause. Suddenly, you got his help and then you and Melissa Terry teamed up on the Tyson brass to get the deal completed.
That was a great example of corporate and nonprofit groups teaming up to do the right thing.